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Click on the links below for more information:

Program Options:

1) P90X® Extreme Training System

2) P90X® Peak Results Package

3)  P90X Plus+


Recommended Equipment:

4) P90X® Chin-Up Bar

5) Tony Hortons Signature PowerStands

6) Plyometrics Mat

7) B-LINES Band Kits


Recommended Supplements: 

8) Shakeology

9) P90X® Results and Recovery – Tub

10) P90X® Peak Performance Bars



Let me first say that P90X is my all around favorite program. When I was younger (before I got out of shape and back into it), I used to love working out, lifting weights, running, jumping, etc… I liked varying it up. P90X is the ONLY program I have ever seen to include such a variety of workouts in one place. I literally love everything about this program (that doesn’t mean it’s easy).

Now, I won’t go into exactly what you’re getting on the DVD side (as you can see that in the product description = 0 ), rather I want to concentrate on a couple of things you may not realize about P90X. First, it’s a COMPLETE program! The workouts are great, yeah… but you’ve heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen.” This is ABSolutely (sorry) true, and Beachbody understands this concept. Not only do you get the great workouts, you will also receive a Nutrition Guide that TAKES ALL THE GUESS WORK out of how to eat properly to fuel your transformation. I REALLY liked this concept, as before p90X I had no idea how to take in the correct amount of calories, protein, carbs, and fat to properly transform my body. This literally made things easier! Additionally, there are some really good recipes in this Nutrition Guide that are worth trying. You also get a Fitness Guide of about 100 pages. This guide explains detailed information about the program, each workout, and how to do the exercises! This is awesome in case you want to take your workout away from the TV screen.

Next, you’re going to need some equipment. As far as that goes, the majority of what you need is a yoga mat, pull up bar, dumbells or resistance bands, and a good heart rate monitor (but this is optional – I just like it!). The most important things here are definitely the pull up bar, and resistance bands. Beachbody offers a pull up bar specifically designed for the P90X workouts (check it out under my “gear and apparel section above. This pull up or chin up bar is REALLY nice because it ONLY requires you to have a door frame – no drilling, no nothing! Just hang it up in your door frame and go to work! In regards to resistance, when I purchased the program I also ordered the resistance bands with it. These come in really handy for “switching it up.” However, I definitely prefer dumbells, and I believe the stronger you get the more you’re going to want to use dumbells…but resistance bands are nice to have on hand. My wife really likes them and uses them far more frequently in her workouts than I do.

Finally, P90X has literally changed my life. After my shoulder injury at the end of 2006 and gaining all that weight (see “mike’s story” above), I was able to battle back and drop about 30 lbs of FAT in no time thanks to P90X (begin Wt ~200, finish Wt ~170). Not only have I been able to quickly get back into shape; I have also learned SO MUCH about proper nutrition and workout techniques. I cannot stress how invaluable the information learned from completing this program is. No matter where I go and workout, I have this awesome base of knowledge that will allow me to accomplish my goals. You’ll hear Tony say it in the videos – this is truly “their gift” to us. Honestly, if I can take and use this gift, then anyone can. I believe that with all I am…


So, don’t wait any longer! Order it and begin your own transformation!


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